Sunday, August 25, 2002

Random interesting fact:
On the first album from Ben Folds Five, there's a song called 'Summer B.' It's about a girl who worked where I do now. Not my biggest clain to fame (see: knocking down Matthew Broderick, offending Robert de Niro and getting shot at by Andy Griffith) but still quite interesting.
I was thinking today about how I want to fix up all my friends. Odd, this, considering my own apathy towards my own amours. I'm almost curious about when I not only accepted I shall be monkishly celebate but that this is also appropriate.
Actually, I think I'm being disingenuous. No. No, I'm not. I keep everybody just at arm's length away. I think I even know why -- a whole seperate issue. Suffice it to say that being happy makes me supsicious.
On a similar note, I watched Casablanca tonight. *Swoons* Ingrid Bergman is quite lovely in that. I wish, wish that I had somebody to feel that way about. I mean, I've got the cynical exterior. I can only hope to have the romantic core. I think I do -- I've studied the period enough. (How I love Byron!)

At work today, I got a two dollar bill as a tip. A 1953 $2, with red ink and silver standard bearings. They have Monticello on the back, instead of The Signing of the Declaration of Independance. It's prolly worth something. It made my day, anyway.

Dr Who of the Day: The Green Death, part 4: Jo lives, thanks to the local Deus e Machina. Whee... Frilly green shirt improved by a rust colored waist coat: semi-cool. Next episode: Dr Who in drag. Seriously.
Another cool fact: giant maggots were made from fox skulls and large condoms. I find this a fascinating comment on BBC special effects. Exactly what, I dunno. But It Must Mean Something...

Book of the Day: you geussed it: The Pickwick Papers, Book X.

Reason Laura Llew is cool, number four: by mentioning her Moon River CD, I got an actual email from Ken Chu. I felt so special. (How much of this is irony? You decide...)

Word, as 'twere, to yo' mother.

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