Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I am now officially broke.
I spent my last brass dollar on gas and my loose change on Diet Coke.

This place is getting depressing. I apologize. Imagine how much it sucks to be me. By the by: who are you people? I got a site meter (the big tacky thing up yonder) and over a dozen people a day visit this place. Exclusive of me. Now I know Llew and Aruni stop by, but they ain't here 4 or 5 times each. Drop me a line. Make my day.

Oh! Good news! I got a job DJing at WXDU, the groovy station all the cool kids listen to. Okay, so it's 3 to 5 am, but still. I've wanted that for a while. I hope to find out what night and when I start soon.
I enjoyed several minutes today, driving to Hillsborough to find the Unemployment Office (I did find, but I had to ask directions). It was sunny and warm, it was a nice country drive, I was listening to Laura's mix tape (well, only the first 30 minutes anyway. I screwed up copying it. It ends right at the great Dorothy Parker song. Sod. And it was the girly sex bit, too...) and the XDU BossaNovva show.
There's a job at Duke University Press (Senior Editorial Assitant) that I'm applying for. I'd be gear at it, but I prolly won't get it. I've worked all day on my resume and cover letter. I may post it up for giggles and prolly even its parody.
I thought I had a new roommate lined up -- he was going to bring the deposit Wednesday -- but he balked until Saturday. I seriously need him. I hope he takes it. I can't even afford a new ad in the paper.

Murph has taken to sprawling on top of the fab '68 dinner table and matching sweet chairs (unfortunately, they really are from 1968, so they're snot green and mustard yellow respectively) in the hovel, like a lion on the Savannah. I blame the special on big cats we watched late Saturday night on PBS. He was way into that. He especially communed with the ocelots. He kinda looks like an ocelot. But he hangs out like leopard in tree, all gangly limbs and condescention to smaller animals. Pity I'm the only other inhabitant and I outweigh 20 times or so.

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