Thursday, September 12, 2002

I don't know what to make of this:
At the gym tonight, I watched a story of firemen who gave CPR to a kitten who had stopped breathing and whose heart had stopped. A teeny little thing it was, maybe four weeks old. And he did this kiss of life on little puss for 14 minutes. Kitty pulled through in the end and is still alive. Firedude adopted him and named him Smudge.
Now I can't decide if this is sweet and lovely or dumb. I certainly wouldn't give CPR to Murphy the Wonder Ocelot (he still thinks he's a small Meso-American jungle predator and not a small suburban housecat) at all, let alone for a quarter hour. The scarring would make me look like a cat-baiting victim.
Do you know cat baiting, Gentle Reader, as I've babbled about quite a bit since discovering it's real? But I need something to believe in.

Unemployment, Day III
I put in an application and had a little interview at a place called Thunderbird or Firebird or something. I so don't want to work in another resteraunt. Before this, I got all the local want ads/classifieds. Tomorrow, I go to another R. and call a third. I have heard nothing from Duke U Press...
...Sorry, but I just saw an ad for a local fundamental Christian church that blames homosexuals for All The World's Evil. We're not, you know. We do have big meetings once a week, but it is only to discuss cute boys. We have no plans for world domination, massive social plans for depravity or the continued removal of prayer from Schools. Just so as you guys know: blame the Neo Nazis... Oh wait... They don't want to go incrimanting themselves.
I am so sick of spaghetti. I get my last Elmo's paycheck Friday. It will be $30. Fifteen of which has to go for an ad to find a roommate, $5 for gas, $5 for food and a fin for a bottle of rum. How I need a job.

Dr Who of the Day: Mine! With all this spare time, I've been writing a submission for BBC books. I quite like it. I'm thinking of calling it Deus ex Machina. Short version of plot: there's a machine lost in time trying to create the scenario in which it was constructed (a big war), so it manipulates time. So far, I'm setting it in North Carolina (cause he's never been here, natch) with Lost Colony and the Gimghouls.

I so love The Basic Eight! I've read 150 pages since last I mentioned it.

I realize that with all this self-important, self-indulgent moaning, I've forgotten something important.
Today's reason Laura Llew rocks: Part the first -- she doesn't mind I've forgotten she rocks on a daily basis. Part the second -- she doesn't mind I never sent her the present I promised.
Umm, financial issues cropped up.
It was great, too. I'd say what it was, but then it would ruin the surpise when I do finally send her this Gear, Fab and Boss present.

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