Monday, September 09, 2002

Yes I Am Invisible.
Just in case I thought I was kidding myself.

I schlepped to the grocery store to get milk and Diet Coke tonight. One day, I will describe my deep and honest love of Diet Coke.
In the vaunted U-Skan I ran into this nice couple. Their chopped off, dyed-black hair and black frame glasses matched. It was very Androgyne, Mon Amour*. It was sooo cute.

Androgyrl: You look so familiar. I see you all the time, but I don't know your name.
Me (thought): Yes, you do. We talked last night for an hour. Over an hour. You told me how your boyfriend
hates the Smiths and how you love them. We sang the refrain from "This Charming Man." We
danced to"Cemetary Gates."
Me (actual): I think we met last night.
Androgyrl: No, I'd remember that. *pauses, then doubtfully* You know Christina?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go be unnoticeable.

*Tonight's needless reference to Tennessee Williams. Androgyne, Mon Amour was one of his three books of poetry (In the Winter of Cities is one of the others. I can't remember the third.) His poetry rocks. He always considered himself foremost a poet and said that his plays were poems for the stage.
They just published all three books together for the first time, in hardback. I almost wet myself when I saw it at the bookstore. But at $30, it's trop cher for a guy with no job.

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