Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Hmm... I just found a blog named after a Belle and Sebastian song (it's called 'The Memory Girl' and is from a line in 'Sleep the Clock Around.') Oddly, this girl is not a Sinister person -- like I'm the banner Sinisterite -- nor does she appear to know any. No links to them, nor to anyone else who does...
Like I can talk, I've only got Laura's link. And it's down at the bottom where nobody sees. I need more links, and I need to move them up to yonder on the left.
What I really want is that comment thingy. I need to look into that.

I had a sort of busy day. I finally got in touch with The Boy Who Would Be Roommate and he swears he'll be here tomorrow. He tried to get me to take a two-party check, but that ain't happening, no sir. I'm becoming increasingly cynical and I expect I'll be linking this post with one in the future saying "vie, vie, victus." My blinding hope is he'll be easier to track when he lives here. But, as Mister Marlowe says, "Needs must when the devil drives."*
I also got a second interview at the grocery store. Whee.
I also got a job. A full-time job. Apparently. I say 'apparently' because the whole thing seems sketchier than Leonardo's notebooks.** Ask me my schedule... Dunno. Ask me how much I get paid... Dunno. It's a new French place called "Provence" that is sorta posh. A French couple (I assume they're a couple) runs it. I came into to fill out an application and when I turned it in the lady asked me if I could work tomorrow. I was so surprised I said yes. I have dj training tomorrow that I've already had to reschedule once. I tried to call, but couldn't find the number so I went back and explained. Madme Anne blinked a time or two and then told me to show up Wednesday. Sketch, sketch, sketch!
(It is a new place, very new apparently, but still... I've been up that painful trail.) But every place is new once. The owner is also apparently an award-winning chef so I can nose around him and learn some more. The staff also is young -- a bit younger than me -- so that's good. People who work in restaurants, if you're not one, gang together frequently, especially if they're close in age. It's a sort of a trench reaction: waiting is very much an "us or them" scenario that leads to bodning.

Yep. In one day, I get a roommate and a job and I'm already preparing for it to go wrong. Jeez.

I got to go The Gap (ha ha! I said The Gap instead of the corporately correct Gap! See my evil! Fear me!) this evening to get black pants for said new job. They were $40!! Jesus God!
It's the first time I've been to The Gap in months. (The last thing I bought was a white tank top, and before that I did get a keen sports jackety thing.) I used to work there till I couldn't take it anymore and quit. (On Christmas Eve, which makes sense if you've worked retail -- I just couldn't take Returns Week one more time...) It was creepy and weird. I felt like I was under attack from the Great Machine. I scampered out as quickly as possible with my ludicrously expensive work khakis. I only went to The Gap cause I have a Gap Credit Card (I know, I know, I'm going to hell...) and no damn money.
The only temptation in the entire mall was to go to Abercrombie and Fitch and get their catalogue, the A&F Quarterly. Mmmm. I didn't give in. I also went to the Barnes and Noble. I do not buy books in huge chains, so I can go to them and browse without worry. Still no new Dr Who books. I want The Crying of Lot 49 and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, though.
I'm not complaining... I have two keen new books I'm just about to start.

I also made shortbread cookies today. I've never made them before. They're tasty and literally -- never had it literally happen before -- melt in your mouth. Oh yeah, baby, I can cook.

I also played dress up today for a while, sort of saying good bye to my summer stuff: I put on my Seersucker suit, complete with linen shirt, blue silk tie and and straw panama. Yeah. I can't wait for a) a wedding in south Louisiana in summer, b) being elected Senator or acheiving the rank of Colonel or c) turning 65. These are the only ways to successfully wear Seersucker. There was an old dude at Elmo's who always wore it on Sundays in the Summer, and he was a white pimp.
I also tried on my skins: the Suede pants and the leather pants. Soo close to time to wear them. The suede ones are soooooo cool. I love suede. And I look good in it.
And they both show off my cute little bum.
Oh yes. It's true. It's all the cardio.
I shake it now for you.

I finished The Taking of Planet 5 today. I don't know why it makes me feel so productive to finish a book, but it does.
Dr Who of the Day: "Nothing can stop the catharsis of spurious morality!!!!" This quote explains everything, really. I watched the first part of The Ultimate Enemy today. I mentioned this earlier. The writer died in the middle of writing it and never made a full draft or plotting on the rest, so they had to get a new writer for the second part. The show's script editor also quit after a fight with the producer. And the actor who played the Doctor quit in the middle. The result is a marvellously confusing mess that can only be called a clusterfuck.
It does, however, have Geoffrey Hughes as one of the guest stars. Indeedy, it's Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances as a Dickensian clerk.
This leads to...
Word of the Day: catharsis. When you sympathize with a character and suffer with him as you watch and then react to his justified fate, that's catharsis. Hunh? Umm... It's getting rid of bad thoughts through drama. Like when you feel good that most of the cast of Hamlet snuffs it at the end. If you get rid of your vengeance at the theatre, you're less likely to hack somebody to bits in the street.
At least that's the theory.
Llew rocks today because: She's a frontier woman. Presumably. She enjoys camping, for some reason. I prefer rustication to camping. Old country granges and such, and meals al fresco. You know, when the Victorians took their entire dining room suite outside. That's how to live outside. Canvas belongs as a table cloth, not as a wall.
Odd really, after all my colonial/frontier knowledge that I should mock it. I can make fore with flint and steel, you know.

I think I'm perking up.

* Act IV, Dr Faustus.
** Yeah, I know. It's nerdy as hell. But I still want a copy of them. They're available from Dover (House of Swell Stuff) Publishing.

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