Friday, October 04, 2002

Oh yes, kids. Today was the day. I was on the radio.
Doing it was cool -- I was nervous about the actual cueing and crossfading bits, but that was largely alright. I played different stuff... Carter Family, Snow Patrol, Built to Spill, Flaming Lips (by request... more later), Herbie Hancock, Sara Vaughn, and some other new release stuff (Les Hommes, I remember and Japan Versus Casino -- both brand new to me). I mean, I spazzed a bit and was dumb some, but no worse than anybody else their first time trying anything.
It was the same at the new job. The first few nights are always a pain, as you don't know where anything is or how to do anything in the right style. The best you can hope to do is stay out of the way as much as possible (you won't do it completely) while shadowing your trainer like a puppy. I didn't piss anybody off and the only mistake I made was my trainer's fault ("Go give them a desser menu" "But they haven't had their entree...") It'll be good soon. I'll finally have to get around to learning about wine. And man, it's expensive -- $30 a bottle... My trainer made like $100 last night.
Oh yeah.

At this point I must say: Christina, Indie Girl Prime, is my Goddess. Oh yes. Oh yes indeed. She told me months ago to ditch Elmo's and get a formal dining job. Months, I tell you. It's a quarter less work in half the time at twice the pay. She was soo right.
And at this point, I can think of several other reasons why, if I had only listened to her, I'd be happier today. I will write down her every word from this day forward even forever more.
I will build her an altar, made of cute shoes, band t-shirts, red wine, Marlboro Lights and Guided By Voices albums. I shall honor her by watching Ed and The Gilmore Girls. I will wash her car.

Amusing Flaming Lips story: A dude called in today as I trained, asking for the first cut on their new album. Yoshimi... had just been taken off the (new) playlist and was locked in the office. In 20 seconds I had to pick a track from an old album and cue it up. I got all paranoid and almost forgot to turn it on and as it was playing realized it could be obscene. My trainer and I stood listening. Its subtilte was 'labia.'
Turns out, 'labia' by themselves are not obscene, so we had topay attention that nothing transpired with them that could be construed as obscene. And nothing, thankfully, did. I think.
Yet again I am traumatized by the female anatomy.

But, but, but: the highlight of my day, something I've wanted to do for years, and my promise to y'all:
Oh yeah boys!! I was so happy at the time! For the record, and for no reason I could understand, I played "There's Too Much Love" off of FISHYCLAP. *smiles all all bashful like so you can see his dimples*
After the past few weeks, it was so great to do something like that. I think I'll always remember that.
Next week, I'm thinking I'll sneak in "Lazy Line Painter Jane" (they don't have it there, so I'll bring in mine), Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 (on vinyl) and some Johnny Cash.
Seriously guys, I love this sooo much. And it's late at night when I'm alive.
Things are looking up for the Boy.

The roommate thing seems to be working out to. He dislikes Dave Matthews (this is a good start) and recognizes Belle and Sebastian and Dr Who (this is even better). He seems to be very smart and funny.
I ain't gonna get anywhere, so I think I'm going to try to set him and Christina up.
Yeah, it's time to turnabout the set up deal.

Thing going well today, I decided to watch one of my favourite Doctor Whos...
Dr Who of the Day: Image of the Fendahl. It's great. It's one of the one that works because everyone is so committed to the insanity. There's some great visuals... the skull glowing over Thea Ransome's face (creepy) the dark woods. Great dialogue... to cows, the Doctor "Do you ladies no anything about a time scanner?" Ted Moss: "'Ave you 'scaped from somewheres?" the Doctor: "Oh many times..."
And yes, jelly babies were offered.
The direction is fab... it's moody and scary and real, like an H P Lovecraft novel meets a Hammer Movie.

Word of the Day: eldritch. It's definitely a Lovecraft word, like Cyclopean. It means dark and creepy. Sinister in the not-good way. Spookily, the dictionary says it's Scottish, but can't give any derivation other than "it could be related to elf..."
Lovecraft seems about. I've thought diseperately of several of his stories lately, he's a source of The Taking of Planet Five, he's an influence on Image of the Fendahl, and Matt (TBWWBR) picked up one of his anthologies I have -- out of all my books -- and started to read it.
Synchronicity, anyone?

Still finishing up Pickwick Papers.

Laura Llew rocks today because: Hmmm. I've spent so much time detailing why I rock that this is kinda hard. Let's say... Rants and Raves. In the absence of real-time Llewunacy (dontcha like that better'n Llewage?), I read some of them yonder from petullant. It was a quick fix, though I now blame her for Cupid's abandonment of me.
[Remember, god(s) see(s) everything at once since they exist out of time, so he saw her abusing him and us getting hitched at the same instant]
Don't blame me for the philosophy/metaphysics. That's apparently how god works. Saint Augustine said so. Though he couldn't account for the Fall of Man thereby.

Catch you later, Gentle Reader...

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