Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Yeah, so, I just read some dude's blog where he told the story of almost mistaking another guy for his boyfriend and almost groping him. And several other people chimed in with similar stories.
I thought about copping the story and putting it here.
Ha, ha.
There are of course several problems. A) I would never grope anyone, at least in public B) I'd never be that slow and C) the biggest one here: I'd never have a boyfriend.
You may not guess it, but I have this utterly Victorian puritannical streak. Maybe it's just the dozens of generations of English blood in my veins, but I can be a real freak about etiquette and form. There are times when I find The Age of Innocence racy.
(By changing the subject, do I seem not seething with jeaulousy? I do this all the time in conversation. For all my faults, I do know my weaknesses.)

I went in for DJ training today. I did... okay. I need practice with the technical stuff, but the spoken stuff is okay. Thursday is on air training day, should you want to listen to me (I don't get to speak, though). You can listen in at
I actually made it to Duke's campus without getting lost. I even got there early enough to nose around campus for a bit. It was very reminiscient of Carolina, really. It was definitely designed with us in mind, though on a larger scale. Guess it'd have to be to compensate, really...
I even get a Duke Card (cost = $4) which I find exciting for some reason.
I'm so gonna play Belle and Sebastian.

I start the sketch job tomorrow...

The Boy Who Would Be Roommate of course didn't show. I'm panicing as we speak. Sod. So sod it.

The moon was gorgeous tonight.
Made me feel quite alone.

Sorry... gotta go seethe and stew.
I always start out with so much to say, but then get all blue...

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