Thursday, October 10, 2002

It never gets any better

I went in today to check on my new job. They gace me 20 bucks and told me not to come back.
"Ah cahn't puut mah fingre on eet, mais you dohn't seem raht for heer."
I managed to leave quite friendly and gracefully, but I was thinking dark thoughts about Agincourt and Crecy and how much I love the play Henry V.
I hate the French.

In other news, my radio show went relatively poorly as well. The 5 am girl didn't show up, so my show lasted till 7 am.
Actually, that wasn't too bad the last two hours were a lot better. The talk sets were (relatively) smoother and there was actual feel to the sets (one new rock, one jazzy). I feel much more confident now and ready for on-air training, two. It's tomorrow 12 pm to 2 pm. Listen in, since it's a reasonable hour. That's
The highlight of the day was meeting Aruni. Well, for me, anyway. She, decidedly tolerantly, listened to me babble for an hour. Her attempt to quite me with tea failed. She was quie a charming hostess.

I can't wait for Friday so I can drink.

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