Sunday, October 06, 2002

So I spent money today I really shouldn't have. I got a pizza and saw a movie.
The pizza was so good. It's been months, quite literally, since I had one. Over the course of the evening, I've eaten the whole thing.
I also saw Red Dragon. It's been longer since I've seen a film. I used to watch one a week without fail. It was the first luxury to go. I quite liked it, as well. Not to much to say about the film per se. It was a thriller, and written, if not superbly, then quite adequately for the genre. Anthony Hopkins was great, though, and Ed Norton was, well, Ed Norton, harried and shuffling but driven as he always seems to be. Tobey Maguire should play his son or little brother.

The film made be think of evil. There's an old philosophical chestnut that says that if evil exists in the universe that it proves that god is not simultaneously omniscient, omnipotent and all good.
There should be a word like onmebenevolent. (And yes, it should be with an 'e' since you're putting omnis in an ablative use).
When bad things happen to good people, it means:
a) god doesn't know about it (and is not omniscient)
b) god can't do anything about it (and is not omnipotent)
c) god doesn't care (and is not all good).
So god isn't the christian ideal.
Well, it's something to think about. Since I don't believe in god anyway, it's a moot point, but an excellent mental exercise.

I think it's also worth noting that part of the film is set in Marathon, Fla. Marathon is in the Florida Keys, nearer to Key Largo (cue Sara Vaughn) than Key West. It was the closest town (about 15 mi) from the state park where I spent the Millenium with some friends.
The thinking went, if Y2K did strike, we might as well be somewhere decent as we reverted to primitivism. Unfortunately, the world didn't end, so we came back. Not, I might add, without some honest debate about staying on, painting sea shells for tourists and eating hot dogs for a living.
If I had only known I'd be eating weiners anyway, I'd have stayed there, and you, gentle reader, would be reading this on ponded strips on palm bark written with a burnt stick.
Such are the vagarities of fate.

Red Dragon, which seems to be the focal point of this entry, featured people who were lonely. This, of course, made me lonely. Not that I have any intentions of hurting anybody else, but it is weird to think what other people really think of you. Burden of society, really, to never know what somebody else thinks but to live with its effects. Do people think I'm some loner ready to crack and let lose the wrath of God, interpreted by yours truly?
Me, I'm just a pretenious person. I'm not a loner (I talk way too much for that) but a dude with the odd inadequacy issues. As I've said, I know my faults.
Number one on the list: I've given up hope for a decent date, so I'll settle for a good, solid shag.
Yep. I'll take up a collection so as I can afford a rent boy.
Give here.

I have another interview at the grocery store tomorrow. I'll need two jobs to make back to the surface.

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