Monday, October 07, 2002

What does it all mean?

No, not more self-indulgent existential moaning.
But a dream. This dream:

I'm at my parents house, which seeme to be inundated with people. I'm talking on the phone (oddly, it's my own cordless purple one) to Laura Llew (also oddly). I go downstairs, thinking it will be quieter. There's a terrible storm out, and I ask Laura, "Has lightening ever run in on your phone before?"
Consequently, there is a great peal and an explosion as lightening presumably runs in on her phone. Even more oddly, I look out the window to see Bonnie Langford, a red-haired British actress (and former Dr Who companion) eating in the neighbor's house. I run over to stop her, and see the table is set for three and that she has started in alone. As I try to drag her out, a large black pig tries to jump up on me to get to the food (I remember brussels sprouts particularly). Its feet (trotters, I think they're called) hurt and scratch my leg.
At this point I wake up.
Anaylze *that* folks. Like most one-off dreams, I'm not sure I want to know what it means, but it may shed light to you, O Gentle Reader, on my own madness.

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