Wednesday, October 09, 2002

It's 1 am. Do you know where your Ocelot is?

It is *such* nap time in the hovel.
My roommate has fallen asleep on the Curiously Comfortable Couch with the Wonder Ocelot, tail warming his nose, at his feet.
I can't decide is it's picturesque or cutesy.
You'll notice niether 'sublime' nor 'beautiful' is a choice.*

Nothing much happened today. I go tomorrow to the sketch job to demand, umm, work, as I've not been back in a week now.

My show is tonight, 3 to 5 am (EST: -5 GMT), listen here. Make requests. (Especially Les Hommes).
Listen up. dudes.

*Obscure Art Historical/Romantic Literature joke.

I'm in the middle of reading both The Wide Window and Nalda Said. Literally, in both books.
No Dr. Who today either.
Word of the Day: haver -- Scottish people don't flirt (apparently). They haver.
Llaura Llew rocks today because: She helps the elderly. You should, too. It makes up for my slack in the department. It's quite a shame that she doesn't at all resemble Boss Hogg (it's two 'g's, yo, Llew) cause' man, that would be a great duo with me as a televangelist.
I have thu paaar!
An' thu Sp'irt!

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