Monday, September 16, 2002

Hey Kids.
Sorry I've been gone so long. Murphy the Wonder Ocelot spilled Iced Tea on my keyboard. He killed it.
Also, the Major heard of my unemployment. I was summonded home.
It turned out well. I got a new keyboard (obviously) and a new printer. I also got groceries and some cash.
Most importantly. I got some happiness. I felt all special after being home, like I can get a job and a roommate.
Well, it was mostly good. I tried to play piano, but it's been so very long, I remembered next to nothing. Although, if I turned off my brain, my hands could play a bit.
My parents offered to let me move back in. But I can't. Oh how I can't. But I can appreciate the offer.
And I snagged some more Chopin music. Old vinyl. And, for some reason, it has some old version of popular music: imagine polka versions of 'Mack the Knife' or 'As Time Goes By.' Lawrence Welk goes wild...
I kept a decent journal while I was away. Perhaps I will post what I wrote.
Most of it was petty: which Real World boy was cuter, the one from Chicago or New Orleans. Real Important stuff, yeah?

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