Thursday, September 19, 2002

I've been trying to post this since about eight and It Just Hasn't Worked! I'll try once more, though.
I didn't post yesterday because I was so busy. I applied at four different places...
a) a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Durham (Never, ever will I work there, even if I get the job. They play country all the time)
b) a little coffee shop (quit nice)
c) a grocery store (ditto the never, ever bit)
d) the sehr posh University Club, a private alumni club for Duke University.
After that, I came home and worked on my book, went to the gym for two hours snd read an entire book of The Pickwick Papers.

Consequently, I was very slack today. I did get a nice email from a place a put in a resume (the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies), telling me they were looking it over. Nice to know I'm not right out...

I spent way too much time on the Internet. The high-lights:

The Friendship test: I went to take a friend's test and did very poorly (30 out of 100 points) so I went and made one of my own. Turns out, when I took my own, I only made 80%. Just goes to show my life is an utter fiction. Even to me. You can visit and learn lots about me: yes, it's Ten Things I Hate About Jay.

Pix of Barbarella for the Bookshop Barbarella. This apparently scares her. But it's true! Just think: she's beautiful, vicious, fearsome, thinks about Black Leather, spends time with [other] sex pots, and has been called a loner -- and all just in a week. Oh yeah. It's sooo right it's scary. (I only hope that makes me Dr Duran so I can spawn an 80s supergroup...) You'll have tofind your own pix for this, as I can't post any here.

This place. It's so cool. I want to adopt the King of Kraut. Oh yeah baby -- I love commercial imperialism. I love the whole vibe of the place -- its oddiity. (Or is that its quiditas, claritas and unitas? Geddit? It's a James Joyce/St Augustine joke. No... I don't like Joyce, either, but I had to read him throughout school. Lousy blind expatriate mick.)

The Giant Floating Head of Mao. I first saw this during my Sinophile period, while I was studying the History of Communist Revolution in China. I spent a lot of time nosing about virtual galleries of Chinese Socialist Realism, GFHoMs are quite a common image. I lost all of my original addresses when I finished school, but found some today. This site has a couple of good ones. Bask in their nigh-Zen absurdity and feel the warm glow of Mao's head watching over *your* class struggle.

I also went to Nerve today, to look at my lonely little ad. It's lonely cause no-one ever visits it. Friends of mine posted it for me, so I went to look at other ads to see what was wrong with mine. This one won the assinine award hands down. When asked what five items he couldn't do without, he said "my glasses (understandable -J), my laptop, my PDA, my Jeep Cherokee and my Dave Matthews CDs."
Seriously, why is he gay? What he needs is a trophy wife and a comfy closet. His screen name (and Iknow I shouldn't say, but still) is 'Fratboy.' Like you even needed to be told that.
It just goes to show that Fraternities exist only to shelter guilt-free gay orgies. Why else would they be called Greeks? I've said it before, Gentle Reader. On 6 Sept. as a matter of fact.

I read an email today where someone swooned. In fact, they didn't just swoon, they *swooned*. As they are female, I let it slide. But I was Not Amused.

Today's question: Is the appropriate adjective for Murphy 'murph-alous' (as in marvelous) or murph-tastic?
Let me know.

Dr Who of the Day: Mindwarp, part three. Evil Dr Who. Who knew it would take 23 years for somebody to try this? Billy Hartnell (Chatterton, Chesserson, I mean Chesterton...) always wanted to do The Son of Dr Who, as an evil time traveller, but it's not quite the same. Sounds a bit like Panto. Do other Americans know Panto? It's just what we always suspected, really. The entirety of the Brits queer up for a few weeks at Christmas. Trust it to start in the theater. (Revenge for poor Brit turn out or the truth? Ask your local Subject of the Queen...)
Anyway: Does anybody think the Doctor has really become evil? Of course not! It took a concerted campaign over several years by Virgin books for that! But what else would the World's Most Evil MutiNational Conglomerate do to an innocent eccentric gentleman?

Book o the Day: The PickWick Papers, Book XIII

Today's reason Laura Llew rocks: Hmmmm. The lost art of pouting*.

Word of the day: scorbutic -- appearing to have scurvy. There is a scorbutic lad in The Pickwick Papers, Chap. XXXII.

*I have never actually seen Ll pouting. This is perhaps unfortunate as it is no doubt alluring, but also perhaps fortunate as her fearsomeness suggests I would not like to be the source of said pouting.

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