Friday, September 20, 2002

Ms Llew got her present today. Yay!
*does a little dance; butt wiggles like a really happy dog*
She liked it.

Rushed away home for a minor emergency. Came back earlier than anticpated.

Saw two amusing sites:
Here and Here.
Steve -- yes, the old school host of Blue's Clues -- has is own site. Apparently, he works with the Flaming Lips (?!). I downloaded one of his songs, but haven't listened to it. He affirmed me.
The other site is Murphy's spiritual home land.
My spiritual homeland is South of the Border. Oh sweet god yes. My... acquitance, I geuss, since it is now THREE months since I heard from... wanted to write a novel about Ernestine, the old lady who operated the elevator up and down the Giant Sombrero. (I've known Darren for over half my life... Isn't it sad?)

I almost had a panic attack last night. I'm about to freak out. I have less than $15. And the end of the month is getting soo close. I have bills and rent and No Job and No Roommate.
Usually I can deal, but last night in the dark, it was rough.
For the first time in a long while, I really, really wanted somebody to be next to me.
Not bitching about it (and I did this in a drunken email to FR3 -- no, you don't know what it means -- a few months ago) but seriously wanting another human being next to me. *casts his eyes to the ground, make a little sigh*
On Fridays my best day of the week, I have to go to the gym early cause they close at 8. There's this boy I always see who's very cute. I recognize him from somewhere, but I'm not sure where. One of my Art History classes, I think. I'd love to talk to him, but he's always leaving as I'm going in. I always get all weird though. I'd hate to make a fool of myself or get punched. I'm not sure which would be worse.
If I was sure he was in my Art History class -- Art 56, the Early Italian Renassiance, by the by -- I'd be much quicker to attempt it. In the words of my Very Last Girlfriend, most boys in Art History classes are, well, you know...
Ha. How Right You Were, T----. (How Restoration Comedy, the initial and dash...)

Have I mentioned my Fridays?
They used to be paydays. Since I was a waiter, the paycheck was $35 or $40 and pure me money, since my tips paid the bills. It was also my day off. I'd wake up late, check my email and daily sites. Then I'd get my check and cash it. I'd get the monthly edition of Dr Who Magazine (yay!) and grab a quick cheap lunch where I work. Then I'd listen to Viva's show on WXDU, and go to the gym. [Here I'd see The Boy] Then on the way home, I'd get stop at the liquor store. Then I'd listen to This American Life. Then I'd meet friends, get a drink and we'd go see a movie.
*Despondant sigh* But now I am unemployed, can't afford DWM, lunch or a movie. And all my friends moved away. Now I'll just scrimp a fin, buy a pint of rum and drink it alone.
Oh well. The radio's still free, so I can listen to Viva and Ira Glass.
I hear back from the swank job tomorrow. I need some good news.

I had to miss training tonight because of my inpromptu trip home. I hope they can still train me. I don't think I could deal with another blow right now. I was really, really, really looking forward to that job.

I've decided my life is close to a Greek tragedy since pretty much everything gone wrong is my own fault. (God that's so not true. I think I might be able to deal better if it was.)

Book of the Day: The Pickwick Papers, book XIII. Today was the Trial of Bardell v. Pickwick, which was so great. You can tell you've found something great in Dickens when you read this, his first book. Readers must have been so excited in the 19th Century. But is there ever a better feeling when you read a groovy first book?

Word of the Day: boscage (thanks Pigtails!) -- low-lying forest, sort of scrubby landscape

Reason Llew rocks for today: Hmmm... Because "eeep" is a verbal love bite.

I didn't watch Dr Who today because I was plotting out my novel.

Aruni may be on now... I think I'll go listen. Maybe she'll play Belle and Sebastian. (...on the radio...)

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