Saturday, September 21, 2002

Hey kids...

Yeah today was slack. All the phone calls I expected didn't come. I will never get a job.
I did go the gym and I did get some rum. Whereupon, I drank it.

So I got drunk and danced and sang by myself. I listened to This American Life. I irritated the cat.

So another reason I just don't get boys: Girls Gone Wild. I don't understand it. I suppose I just don't have an appropriate appreciation of boobs. That's all it is, lots and lots of them, like they never get old. I mean, it looks like it would only appeal to 15 year olds who've never actually seen any before. But no... it's for an older set. How great can they be? I mean, if you've seen two...

I didn't see the Boy today at the gym.

Yeah, today sucked.

Book of the day: The Pickwick Papers, Book XIV, Chap XXXVI

Dr Who of the Day: Mindwarp, part 4

Reason Laura Llew rocks: Who else has Chocolate covered Boys?

Word of the Day: to olfact - to smell strongly

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