Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I have decided everyone hates me. After the past few days of being unable to rouse anyone to conversation at the very least, through personal contact, telephone or internet, I have come to the conclusion I am a social leper: Jamie, Heath, Angie, Darren, Crystal, Christina all abhor me. As far as I can tell, the only person not currently loathing me is one Muriel Glass. And that's not even her real name.
I don't write, I don't read. All I do is drink. My dream of late, to befetch myself to London, is becoming less and less practicable. Extreme debt does that.
Murphy got a flea collar today.

Dr Who of the Day: The Green Death, part 6 and The Visitation, part 1.
Jo gets the best leaving scene ever. Boss is also a hugely underrated villain: he has working knowledge of Dvorak, Beethoven, Wagner, Wilde and Bach. What other baddie gets that? And the effects with the Metebelis crystal are trippy as fuck. Oh yeah, it's 1973, so that makes since...
The Visitation: Let's all kill Adric, yes? Then top Tegan... How, exactly, did Dr Who make it past 1980 with this cast? And the 'open-faced' young Doctor, whose balls were surgically removed? Thank god Richard Mace rawks and the mysterious android rules. The plot is great, just these damn regulars. And how great is the egregious Theatre History? "I lost my job at the closing of the the Theatres..." 1642, for all y'all, when the Civil Wars started, to keep down plague and treason. One worked, at least... And younf Colley Cibber is prolly kicking around, waiting to rape the Bard...
I read little, of late...

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