Friday, August 30, 2002

Despite the pathetic fallacy of late -- it's been cloudy and raining of late -- I have had a lovely day.
*Does a happy dance of almost inappropriate measures. Sings a bit. Even Laughs*
I got stuff in the mail, the greatest of all pleasures.
Books, to be precise.
*Dances a bit more*
From Llew, of course. And what books indeed: The first Lemony Snicket book AND The Basic Eight....
Sorry, but swooning was quite necessary at the moment. I had looked for these books for a few days, with little effect as I had forgotten the title of one and the author of the other.

I have heard -- hearsay, you see, not actual overhearing -- that this is only a secondary Laura Llew website. I started to get het up and say, no... But then I looked over the site. It is. This brings us to
Reason Laura rocks seven: Not only is she cool enough for her own site, but she has this secondary site. Wow. I wish I was interesting enough for one site... Let alone two.
No wonder *some random person* never visited Chapel Hill.

The Shedd's Spread Country Crock couple has bred. A couple of hands of gotten it on to the extent that they've married, fucked and given birth. I can't even get a date...
This comes of watching too much Dr Who.*

*This is rationalization: even Vince on Queer as Folk got some, and he knew more about the show than I did.

It's a pity no-one has ever heard me roar. When mad, I roar. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound fearsome. I sound like the little tiger cubs on children's programming, almost literally "rrrooarrr." It's quite cute and charming. Just like me.

Book of the Day: The first five chapters of The Bad Beginning, obviously (he he he) and the first chapter of The Basic Eight. I even managed to move on to Book XI of the Pickwick Papers.

Dr Who of the Day: The Visitation, part 4 and Black Orchid part 1.
Even Dr Who admits he hates Tegan, the uber-bitch. It is quite interesting that this Visitation should be about an incipient plague. It was made in 1980 and broadcast in 1981, just as AIDS was being recognized. In just a few years, the idea of rampant disease would be so much more current and scary.

And I cleaned the hovel today.

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