Wednesday, September 25, 2002

All right I'll tell you: this was my dream...*

I have two recurring dreams. One is quite boring, involving my teeth falling out. I have this once every few weeks.
The other one, which I had last night, is a bit less common but always quite vivid. I'm in a book store. Usually I don't recognize it, but I always recognize bits and pieces of it. Last night, I remember nine foot mahagony bookcases.
Anyway. I go and look for Dr. Who books. I always find them...
I have to interpose. I have every Dr Who book from the past 12 years and I know every one released (two a month -- check out the cult link below).
...but they're one's I've never seen or heard of. The covers are always very, very vivid and the titles appropriate. Usually, I don't have enough to buy all the ones I want, so I debate over which ones to get. That's as far as I get. Then I wake up.
Usually, these dreams are unprompted, but last night I was nosing around the BBC books site (again, it's below) looking all the ones I'm missing. The importer BBC used went out of business and no new books have gotten to the US since May. I'm out about a dozen books.
And man, am I Jonesing. Like a junkie. It's been years -- literally -- since I waited so long for a fix.
So here are a few of the best releases this year:
Mad Dogs and Englishmen: this is the 100th BBC Dr. Who book. Simply put, Giant
Talking Poodles collude with Noel Coward and J R R Tolkien to change history. Trippy (check the cover)
and fun.
Hope: set vastly far in the future, it's all about death and rebirth. It's also excellently plotted: you think
you know what's going on, but then you find out what's really happening. Like Fight Club, it was quite
obvious, really.
Anachrophobia: Creepy. Very creepy. People turn into clocks. Sounds cheesey, but like the best of the
TV show, everybody has such crazy belief it works.
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street and The City of the Dead are both great, too, but you have to have
read soo much to get them. The others anybody could pick up and read. So do it!

*The opening of Act II in Fiddler on the Roof.

I watched The Gilmore Girls tonight for the first time. Not too bad. I quite like the mother.

I'm becoming apathetic. Terribly apathetic. I just... Yeah.
What was that Smiths song? *laughs ironically* Which one... Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now or Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.
I don't feel like writing any more tonight.
'Night, emo-glasses boy.

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