Monday, September 23, 2002

So I heard a song today that made me smile:

If you see a girl with long brown hair
And a funny little smile on her face
That'll make you laugh or hold your breath
As she travels from place to place.

She'll meet all kind of people
Where ever she may go
And all her friends will tell you that
If you should want to know.

She's Llew. (She's who?)
She's Laura Llew (Of course!)
She's quite at home in a big space ship
Or sitting on top of a horse.
She's been to the past and future,
But whatever she may do,
She'll always be a friend of mine.
(Llew?) Laura Llew!

If you look way up in the sky above
And see a little streak of light,
It's not near dawn nor an early bird
As she streaks on through the night.
But even an early bird can't groove
So what can it be?
And this is what I'll say to you
If you should ask of me...

It's Llew, it's Llew,
It's Laura Llew of course.
That streak of light up in the sky
Means that she's off once more.
She's been to the past and future
But whatever she may do,
She'll always be a friend of mine
(Llew?) Laura Llew.

La la la la la la la la la la...

It could be Mars or Venus
But whatever she may do,
She'll always be a friend of mine,
Laura Llew...

Okay, so it was written for Dr Who, but I realized at the gym you could switch in Laura Llew and it would fit. And quite frankly, Llew should get the opportunity to Time Travel...

An oddish sort of day.
I woke up early so as to be ready to show the hovel. 'Course he didn't show up. I've decided to overlook this --he claims he'll appear tomorrow -- since he was obviously a) woken by me and b) hung over when I talked to him. It's not as if he didn't ask me/tell me was going out drinking last night.
I've made up my mind he is cute and this explains by beneficience.

My parents also showed up. They've gone on a multi-week business trip and came through Durham today and so visited (Both I-40, a major east-west road and I-85, a major north-south road go through Durham, the next town over). They brought milk, Diet Coke and chicken salad. Essentials, then. And the Major changed the D-string on my guitar, something that's needed doing for a while.

I'm listening to Duncan Sheik. Do you know him? Guitar-driven singer/song-writer? His single 'Barely Breathing' charted the longest ever of any song on the AC charts (50+ weeks). Course, that sounds nothing like the rest of 96 STR. His next album was okay-ish and his third, Phantom Moon, was also keen.
Phantom Moon was the soundtrack to a play by Steven Slater (never heard of him, either) but Sheik works incredibly with the words. He has a lovely voice. He's apparently working on a musical version of Spring Awakening (a Frank Wedekind play about adolescent sexuality, written 1896 and not preformed in an uncensored form till 1991). This intrigues me. It has a circle jerk* scene that has still to be done on stage.
Anyway, he just released another album of crappy pop-y stuff. I downloaded one the big single and was terribly disappointed. Had I money, I'd still buy it, but he's prolly like Star Trek: only every other realease is good. He also has a version of 'Reel Around the Fountain' that puts Moz to shame.
But his first release is soooo very great. Mellow and melancholy and sweet, like a rainy Fall afternoon where you remember an old flame.
Did I mention he's a dish?
I can't quite decide if I should tar him with the "Faux Indie" stripe**...

Have you seen that objectionable ad for Cingular One: "Now an American can be an American all over the world?" With this jackass heckling a camel driver and inducing a Venetian boatman to make a U-Turn? Ugh. I'm not like this. Nor will I allow my fiancee when we go to Europe for our honeymoon. (I ain't a-payin for it.)

I saw the movie The Omen tonight. It was quite good. It was of course ruined by the fact that Patrick Troughton was in it in a serious role.
Yep. The second Dr Who. I kept waiting for a Dalek to appear. When he started to run from a supernatural attack, I kept waiting for a "Now.. When I say run..." He even had a scene with Gregory Peck...
It's like when he appears in Jason and the Argonauts or when Tom Baker is the Bad Guy in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad...

*Use your imagination. It takes more than one boy and is used as a Fraternity initiation.

** Faux Indie... Euch! John Mayer is the worst example of this. "Your Body Is a Playground'?! Like he's banging away on Jennifer Love Hewitt and not, in fact, taking it elsewhere. Not that I have an axe to grind with this 'fierce poseur...' [Noel Coward joke]

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