Friday, September 27, 2002

Today's question is this:
What, pray, is a bacon butty?
It's some British food or other. I suspect it's sandwich-y in origin, but I'm not sure. I never had one when I was little, they don't have them in the US, and I can't find anything about it on the Internet. I mean, it's not like I want to try one. *Thinks of English food, shudders* I have no trouble with food from disgusting sources as long as it tastes good, but English food doesn't. " 'Ere, lads, let's mix beef fat and flour..."

It was cold and rainy today. I was up early (9 ish) and consequently had about 4 hours of sleep. I did meet The Boy Who Would Be Roommate, but I believe nothing till I have cash in hand. I've been up that road before. My interview went well -- for christ's sake it's a grocery store, what do you have to be not to get a job in one -- but I soooo don't want the job. Unfortunately I am in no position to refuse any job. Hopefully something better will pop up... (I've not heard from Center for Documentary Studies yet). When I got back I took a nap for the rest of the afternoon, and I've felt off since. And my leg hurts abominably... like the bone inside. Quite odd.
I do love the rain. It got warmer while I was asleep so it's warmer tonight than today. Soon it will time to wear the suede pants again!
In another world, I would have gone to Henry's tonight -- Thursday is going out night in Chapel Hill -- with Jamie. We'd sit in the corner and snigger at all the fierces poseurs and swoon over boys.
And yes, we'd be the best dressed ones there. I'd bum a cigarette at some point.

At least tomorrow is Friday. I'll turn all the lights out in the hovel, light my bottle-of-chianti candle and sit in the corner and talk to Murphy as a I drink my pint o' rum. Perhaps I will strum my guitar.

I was playing with Murphy on the counter today and he rolled over and fell to the floor. He gave this great "meo..ouch!" Then he popped back up, looked at me, looked at the floor and scowled at me.
God... that the exciting bits of my life should be stories about my cat.
Maybe it's time to go get two or three more.

I'm still reading The Pickwick Papers. I'm on the last 100 pages, which is quite exciting, as it's over 700 pages. It's certainly one of the longest books I've read.

Dr Who of the Day: Terror of the Vervoids, part one: Hey! It's Pussy Galore! No really, Honor Blackman is in this (she was Pussy in the Bond film Goldfinger). It's also the first story with companion Mel. She actually gets a good intro, really, and works well with Colin Baker's Doctor. Pity she didn't keep getting good scripts... and she really didn't work well with the next Doctor (starting in the story after next).
The Demeter seeds are little pellets of chromium, like you get at hobby shops.
I should explain that the last two stories, this one and the next are actually one whole story called The Trial of a Time Lord. They were one season (series in the UK) of 14 episodes, made after the show was off the air for 18 months and during which one of the writers died as he was writing the ending and the scrpit editor had a fight with the producer and quit. Nobody understands the last two episodes, even the people who made it. I'm not really sure the point of this so here: it also has the shortest lived arrangement of the theme (the above 14 episodes). It is also my favourite one. New Doctor, new opening, new music in the next season.Oh well.
Did you know the original 1963 version of the theme is considered one of the finest ever pieces of electronic music? It was all done by hand by two people (Ron Grainger and Delia Derbyshire) which is pretty amazing if you've ever heard it...

Word of the day: jingoism. See also Bush's foriegn policy on Iraq. (It ain't a war yet, thank goodness).
You know, in conspiracy theory circles, there's a popular idea that the Constitution was suspended when FDR declared a federal emergency in 1933. Because of the way federal emergency acts work, it couldn't be rescinded till he -- or any of his successors -- ordered it. Since the act gave him extraordinary power, he nor any of his successors did, and the president has been a semi-elected dictator ever since. Not all the extremely limited executive of the Constitution who is subject to the Congress and Supreme Court. (Read the Constitution, it's really surprising how little the president should do).
I don't know how true this is, but I bet President Bush fell for it hook, line and sinker. He certainly acts like a Roman Emperor, treading over the Senate.
I don't buy into Conspiracy theories, but I have this great dictionary of them. It's a great sociological/anthropological look at the US and how myth works in society. Get it: it's Everything's Under Control by Robert Anton Wilson.

Reason Llew rocks: She's letting me tatto her name on my shoulder...
Actually, I do want another tattoo, this one on my arm. This goes somewhere between that book of Tennessee Williams poetry and stuff to make absinthe.
(Hey look! An answer on my test! Go see it.)

So, there's been a little mini-rush here in a time zone far away. Like 17 hits, which is three times anywhere else but the US East Coast. It looks like Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, China, Mongolia or Siberia. It might be Western Australia, though, as the map is funky.
These people should so write me.

Amusingly, I'm more popular in on the other side of the world than at home.
Ha, ha, it's almost not depressing.
I hope Llew's package comes tomorrow. They would be swell.

Have a good trip, Ll.

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