Sunday, September 22, 2002

I am sooo bored. It takes money to do anything. Except go to the gym, which I have been doing in excess. I even went today and I never go on Saturdays. It's out of the house, though.
I'm broke again. As in not a dime. Thankfully, I've got half a tank of gas. God only knows what I'll do when that's gone. At least public transport is free in Chapel Hill.
Plenty of food though. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Did I tell you? I got excess from their restaurant, hot dogs (gone now), BBQ, hamburgers and chicken breasts. I spent the last dollar on hamburger buns.

I want a job now. I need something to do.
I want my hair back too, for that matter. The connection: time, my dear. I just have to wait.

I've somebody coming tomorrow to look at being a roommate. They sound quite nice. He works for Save the Children, and went to Art School, studying photography. His minor was Art History (like me!) and also like me specialized in the Early Italian Renaissance.
After I went to the gym, he left a message asking me if want to go along for a beer.
I can't make up my mind quite what that was.

There was some quite witty exchanges on the petullant web site today. By the by, the aforementioned pix of Barbarella are there, along with certain asserverations from her bookselling doppelganger.

Tonight I'm watching As Time Goes By. I do like this show. It's like red wine, it requires subtlety and time to appreciate it. Or so I asssume. Red wine makes me physically sick after a night and a gallon of cheap cooking burgundy. Just serving it makes me want to retch. It's a pity, so many cool people rattle on red wine at bars and I stumble through with rum and coke.
Look at me, still nattering on about the cool kids...
Anyway... guilty fanboy joy: Geoffrey Palmer was in the 1971 Dr Who story The Mutants (and was killed before the end of Part 1) and Joan Simms was Queen Katryca in the Mysterious Planet, which I watched last. She died, too.

They took Monarch of the Glenn off the air (they ran through its entire run, I expect it will come back a few months after the new series is aired in the UK). *Sighs* Sorrows seem to be coming in packs.
Least I got a keen picture of Archie. It moves with a print of a Dorree engraving called 'The Enigma', a triptych of Mao (see the link above), a still of a Cyberman coming out of his Tomb and Hoppers' Nighthawks as my computer's wallpaper.

Dr Who of the Day: Mindwarp, part IV. Yes, again, I don't remember watching it from last night. Great lines... "This is Dorf and you are scum." and "Everyone has a point these days. I am a man of action, not of reason!" Both of these are Brian Blessed's character. There is also, to the great acclaim of fans, a pink tereliptel. Whee. But do see the first installment, where I mention the Technocolor 80s.
Oh yes. Peri snuffs it as well. It's a cool way to go, brain transplantation, but it seems wasted on Ms American Leotard that'll show 'em off Brown (hmm. see yesterday's entry on Boobs). I should be nicer, as I actually have met the (completely British and not-at-all American) Nicola Bryant, who played Peri. She was quite very lovely and interesting.

Book of the Day: The Pickwick Papers, Book XIV, chap. XXXVI.

Word of the Day: sackbut -- an antique musical instrument, like a trombone. Not quite as cool a word as shawm or rebec (other obsolete instruments, like an oboe and like a violin) but it gets point for obscurity and phunky-soundingness.

Reason Llaura Llew rocks: "A man, hunh?" *bites off head* "Tastes good."
Remember, Laura: Watch those teeth. They can hurt.

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