Sunday, September 01, 2002

Oh yes, gentle reader:
I suck.

I was supposed to meet Aruni at a bar called The Basement in Durham tonight.
Of course, I got lost. Majorly lost. I couldn't even find the first street I needed, Tower Drive. I could see a sign for it, but I couldn't get on the right road that had the sign. I tried for over an hour. Finally, the little car hydroplaned through a stoplight onto a busy street. *brakes squeal* The little car was missed by a couple of inches. I screamed like Mrs White in 'Clue.' Ten minutes later I freaked out and went home.
I bet Aruni hates me.
She shouldn't of course...

Ooohh. Sod, Sod, Sod, Sod, Sod.
I'm going to drink beer and read.

Oh nothing else interesting has happened of late.
Oh, there was this woman today at work. She looked like one of those heads, cryrogenically frozen in the 60s, had been thawed and stuck on somebody. Her beehive and polyester collar were that perfect. She was prolly wondering if that nice Mr Johnson was still president.

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