Friday, September 06, 2002

Ahhh... The weather.
It's been lovely of late. It's almost, Gentle Reader, as if the burning heat of summer has gently segued into more mellow time of Autumn.
As if. We all know that it will rocket back to an 100 degrees and the humidity shall return. It could be recompense for the Week of No Sun last week.
There was nigh to a chill last night, that reminded me of roaming campus alone after midnight, as I used to do. Brick paths, street lamps, owls, colonial architecture, drunken student stumbling and weaving back from Franklin Street...
What's needed is a mountian walk to see the changing leaves. I'll prolly not get around to it though.
It'll soon be Hallowe'en as well, when tens of thousands of folk will roll in, get drunk and dress in drag. And we all know why Frat boys dress in drag. (They want to: all Fraternities exist for the purpose of guilt-free gay sex. Oh yes. Why else would they be called Greeks?) Last year, I went as a mobster: blavk suit and tie, black hat, trench coat, violin case. This year I'm thinking: Noel Coward. "Mad dogs and Englishmen..." Especially after the book.
(A Dr. Who book this year -- the BBC's 100th Dr Who novel -- was called Mad Dogs and Englishmen. It was Completely Bizarre: Noel Coward was changing history because it was boring and also to aid the Empress of the Planet of Talking Poodles. There was also a parody of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I just like the idea of Noel changing history 'cause it's too dull.)

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