Friday, September 06, 2002

I lost my job today.
More specifically, I was fired.
Out of the blue.
I went in to get lunch, and this manager Micah pulled me over to Table 3 and fired me.
I was surpised.
I ate lunch there, anyway.
They all knew there how very poor I am. I'm glad that that my rent is paid and all by bills are paid for this month.
Micah cried. This made me very mad. It seemed the height of disingenuousness. If it made her feel that bad, she wouldn't have done it. After she fired me, am I supposed to feel sorry for her? I don't. I hope she fuckin' regrets it for weeks. Like anybody else there brings in cakes and pies and cookies.
I'm beginning to get scared.
What sucks is that I now have no money. Well, okay, $3. Friday I can go in and get my last check, but since I make -- made -- tips, I don't have cash to hand till then. Monday, I can go to the Unemployment Office and hopefully get on the Dole. (oh yay...).
I geuss I can look at this as an opportunity, but now I'm just pissed and scared.

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