Sunday, September 01, 2002

There was a boy today at work with a Belle and Sebastian t-shirt. I didn't realize till he walked out. When I did, I wanted to run out and talk to him or at least say hello. But he was on his little bike pedalling of to Chapel Hill. This is a trope of my life of late.

I had an odd dream last night -- and it was in colour. I especially remember the blues.
I driving with someone over this really tall bridge (taller than the Baum Bridge onto Body Island, so more than 4 or 5 stories) into Miami. There was toll, so I was getting quarters out...
Then we were in the Florida Keys. No Miami suburbs, no post Miami mango swamp. Just turqouise water and white sand. Then we were going on foot. On this weird wooden track with hadrails and halls. Then we came across this person in a bathroom, crying. It was a girl and her parents were trying to get a hold of a cardiologist to re-set her pace maker. She was embarrassed and wouldn't come out.

It was a pity I didn't see Aruni last night. I was cute. I had a black oxford shirt with a black silk tie, a black V-neck jumper and grey jeans with my black boots. Very corrupted English school boy. Oh yeah.
I'll have to wear that outfit again.

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