Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Murph the Wonder Cat savaged me today. He was hiding around a corner and pounced on me as I walked by. He sank his fangs into me and drew blood. He was, of course, kicked. Purely in self-defence. He ran to his closet and lurked like a 17 year old on Sinister.
I think all this being alone is making him weird, too.

Have you seen this show on Comedy Central called Contest Searchlight or some such? I've not seen it, of course, but the previews I've seen have a tres dishy director type. Dunno why I mention it, but I do.

You know, sometimes I hate my job: the customers are all hicks, my co-workers are bitchy slackers and the managers are too cheap to keep the air conditioning on.
Then I saw it. I was wandering alone through the lanes of the Internet (Caitlin Pigtails' blog, I think) when I came to a link to Favorit.
It seemed soooo cool and hip and urban and trendy. All the things Elmo's isn't. How I want to work there.
You can just seen the hipsters there sipping their espresso after midnight.
I want to work the late shift there, waiting tables and making coffee drinks.
Go and visit it. Right now. That's Favorit. Two locations in Edinburgh.
But I've never been to Edinburgh. Or even Scotland. And I want to know why take away food costs more there. How weird.

Last night, at the gym, I was watching MTV's Undressed. It was so very hysterical. Eventually, I put on a CD rather than listen to it. That was trippy: mellow Belle and Sebastian over perfect sorority girl sex stories. It blew my mind. It was all Just Wrong. I was forced to turn off the B&S so as not to flip out.
It leads me to my public service announcement:
Straight boys do not approach their gay friends for "just once, just to see what it's like" sex. Ever. Oh no. Oh no indeed.

Today's reason Laura Llew rocks: not only did she name drop me on Sinister, but even on her blog.
Apparently, I almost made her wet.
(Sorry Llew, buy you *had* to know that one was comin... In the cards)

Dr Who of the (past few) Day: The Mysterious Planet, parts 1 -3. You know, after 1980, John Nathan-Turner, the producer, made all the actors wear the same costumes. That sucked. It leaves little to comment on. The plot of MP is okay-ish: Glitz and Dibber make a gear team (it is a Robert Holmes script) and Katryca is OTT. A queen in more than one way, luvvie.

I bought The Reptile Room today. Yay! I finished The Bad Beginning. The Pickwick Papers is on hold for right now.
I wish I had a friend in town to go get coffee with.
I wish I had the money to go get coffee.
Damn poverty. I spent my $10 this week for my new book. I haven't gotten a new CD in weeks. Not since The Flaming Lips. Ahhhh! I want new music.
How lovely would a new mix tape or CD be! I mean, especially one that someone worked hard for and would savagely and viciously defend.

Peace out, yo.

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