Friday, September 06, 2002

Oh yes... I'm getting married. Have I mentioned that? I have to do the whole Formal Asking deal and settle the dowry (like I have anything to give... "For the priviledge of your daughter, sir, I shall give you this video copy of Time Lash, Seven Plays by Sam Sheperd, and the original sound track album to The Sound of Music.") but the outcome is secure.
My only concern: the vicious fight for dominance that will not doubt occur between Murphy the Wonder Cat and Miss Flannery. If Murph had opposable thumbs, I swear he'd learn to twirl his whiskers like a moustache. Flann strikes me as one of those demure Suthan Lahdies who can be trusted to kick ass as needed, but still, maybe I should consider a pillowcase and the Haw River for ol'Murph in the cause of connubial bliss.
*shudders* The evil ghost of Murph? Scar -ry.

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