Friday, September 06, 2002

Today was may day off, but I had to go in for New Computer System Training.
*imagine, if you will, ironic trumpet fanfare*
Yes indeedy, was I lucky: I met the Man With No Respect For My Personal Space.
I went in with three managers for training. As the system has yet to be installed, the demo was set up in the basement office. There is no air-conditioning there. We all sat down in front of the screen and, gentle reader, the MWNRFMPS put his hand on my knee to get closer to us.
Not in a 'hey, hey' way that hinted of further travel (not that I'd recognize that) but in this mensch-y butch way that hinted at fraternity pledging, full contact sport and memorization of Golf swings.
Soon after he says "Well, Jay, why don't you give it a spin?"
I wanted to say, "I shall, sir, upon the removal of your digits from my knee." I really said "Umm, sure."
As I leaned in to learn the proper way to ring in a small Spinach salad, he moved his hand to my shoulder. I turned around to glare at him. He smiled back in this po-faced attempt at male bonding.
This man has obvious failed to achieve his calling of elementary school photographer or upper middle management.

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